Animazia is a family-friendly animated adventure series starring Captain Nemo, and the cast of animals who he assembles into a rag-tag team of heroes: Jerry Muskrat, Billy Mink, Joe Otter, Topper the Topmost Mouse, Buster Bear, Grandfather Frog, Madison Rabbit, Paddy the Beaver, and Chatter the Red Squirrel. Each of the animals is invited (well... zapped) onto Captain Nemo’s Nautilus submarine, introduced to each other, and provided with high-tech communicators. Nemo, with his usual flair for drama, spells out their mission: “To explore, to discover, to connect, and to protect!” He then introduces them to a cast of friends who will guide them on their way: Ethan Eagle, Mowgli, and the crew of Nautilus. The animals – a bit freaked out – are zapped back to their homes by Dr. N’s transit beam, and the adventures begin!
We are still working on our first episodes of Animazia as a series, but if you want to watch each character's separate adventures, click on their names above!