Part 1 of The BOOM Trilogy

"A talented impressionist’s best solo show to date" - Globe and Mail

BOOM is an explosive solo show about the music, culture & politics that shaped the Baby Boom generation. Since premiering in 2015, BOOM has become a hit in the USA, France and Canada, where it's been performed over 320 times. Written, directed & performed by Rick Miller, BOOM takes us through 25 turbulent years, from 1945-1969, and brings to life over a 100 influential politicians, activists and musicians, all immersed in stunning multimedia. A mind-blowing experience for audiences of all generations!
Off-Broadway premiere in Jan 2020, and Asian premiere in April 2020. BOOM's GenX sequel, BOOM X, is now on tour, and part 3, BOOM YZ is now in development. Together, they will form a trilogy of multimedia shows that span 75 years of history.

“A can't-miss theatrical experience. There is no question BOOM will become an international hit because its themes, characters and music are universal... Miss it at your own peril. ★★★★★" (Calgary Sun)

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