Play Princess Viaggio’s Easter Egg Hunt Game!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Princess Viaggio is very excited for Easter, because to our little princess, the Easter holiday means spring is near! Different families in society have different traditions and celebrations for Easter, which is also why Princess Viaggio can hardly wait, because every year at Easter Princess Viaggio knows that her mother, the Queen, plans royal scavenger hunt games for people in her royal kingdom! She goes shopping to buy all the necessary items to make this special day a success.

Through different areas of their palace, the Queen hides different colored Easter eggs for people and family of her kingdom to find - it’s great fun and exercise - and whoever finds the most eggs gets a special reward! Princess Viaggio doesn’t care much for the reward, she just enjoys the thrill of the hunt! Play with the Princess and help her find the eggs hidden throughout the castle. Be quick and put your thinking cap on and keep your eyes open in this exciting hunt!

Play the game with your friends too, and see if you can find them before they do.