Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

Saturday, June 9, 2012

KDOONS, in association with Canada's preeminent multimedia theatrical production company, WYRD Productions, is in development of a new live stage version of the adventure classic!

The story of the infamous Captain Nemo and his incredible submarine, The Nautilus, this is a tale of adventure, thrills, and danger in a trip around the world's oceans.  With a super cool mix of Victorian and modern technology, this  "steampunk" version of the story will recapture the magic of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea for the next generation of storytellers.

Some of Canada's most creative and award winning talent is combining to bring this vision to life, from Rick Miller (DORA Award Winner and seen on ABC TV's Just For Laughs), filmmaker Deco Dawson (TIFF Award Winner) and Etai Erdal (DORA Award Winner) will create eye-popping underwater illusions in the action-filled staging.

What makes the story even more relevant today, is that KDOONS is also producing web educational modules and interviews about Ocean, Freshwater, and Water issues to make the experience deeper and more "immersive".  A truly transmedia property, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea will be live onstage, with an outreach installation, and online with its modules and webisodes.  If your firm has a water story to tell, contact us.

Theatrical Production Developed in Association with Manitoba Theatre for Young People, KDOONS, and WYRD Productions.
Premiering 2013-14 Season