BOOOOOOO! We're starting to get in the Halloween spirit! Are you?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

One of our favorite holidays is Halloween! For many, many reasons and one of them being the spooky stories. Once a year we like to hear one or two screams. Which is why we love telling spooky stories. Do you have a really good spooky story that you always tell?

Here are some important steps to make sure you get a scare out of your friends:

1. Find out what your friends are really scared of. To make it part of the story.

2. Make sure you know it well - The better you know the story, the more you can act it out for extra spookiness points.

4. Build up the spookiness - Throughout the story make scary noises and really scary faces.

5. MAKE IT SCARY! - The scarier the better! Just remember that you are telling your friends the story. You don't want to scare them that much.

What a terrifying delight, enjoy!