What do you like most about the most about the first week of school?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The first week or weeks of school are under way. What did you enjoy most about starting the new school year? More importantly: what are you looking forward to in this year's upcoming school year? Hopefully you got settled in alright and everything is good to go for the remaining of the year. KIDOONS has got five tips to make your school year one to look forward to:

1. Make studying fun:  Studying can get very boring, so make it fun! Make flashcards and get your family to help you with them. Also, another thing that makes studying a bit more fun is change the place where you're studying. What we mean is try studying at the library 2-3 nights a week to make it more interesting. Plus, they have a lot of helpful and interesting books.

2. Do something that is not related to school: It's always fun to do something that is not related to school. Play some games at the KIDOONS network!

3. Make friends with everyone: Sure you have your BFFs that you celebrated with not too long ago, but why not try and make some more friends to join you and your BFFs.

4. Discover things that the school offers

5. Ask for help