Who's your bestfriend?

Monday, September 5, 2011

A person can find their bestfriend in so many places. It can be your mother, father, classmate, aunt, or uncle the list can go on forever! A bestfriend is usually someone who demonstrates many acts of kindness towards you.

Have you ever demonstrated an act of kindness to someone you didn't know all that well because you knew they needed help? Unfortunately, we all don't do this. Everyone needs a friend to look out for them. You can almost say every once in a while we should act like The Willfull Little Breeze.

If you ever hear anyone talking about making trouble make sure you warn someone. It is usually best to tell an adult. Help make both you and your friends' environment a little bit safer.

Read the Willfull Little Breeze and start off friendship week at KIDOONS feeling inspired to make a difference in someone's life.