What are some of your favorite summer memories?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What were some of your favorite summer memories? I'm sure some stand out more than others. Was it that winning goal at the end of your soccer game, going to the water parks, camping out in the wilderness or was it that big pool party bash at the end of the summer?

Whatever it is that you did we hope that 2011 was a good summer for you! Imagine is summer was 2011 days? That would be amazing. That means that it would last longer than the year itself.

We like to make our summer memories last, since well it isn't 2011 days. But to make the memories last forever we make sure to keep all of our pictures in a very special place, so that the memories will stay with us forever! You should do the same get an old shoe box and decorate with pictures of what made your summer so special and then put all things that you've collected over the summer inside.

Piece of advice: if you decided to collect bugs or frogs we suggest not bringing them in the house. They prefer the outdoors.