2023-24 season: tours of FRANKENSTEIN, JUNGLE BOOK and the BOOM Trilogy

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Kidoons is excited to announce tours of 5 of our productions in the 2023-24 theatre season!
In October 2023, FRANKENSTEIN: A Living Comic Book, part 3 in our "Connection" trilogy of family shows, will play selected dates across Ontario.
From Jan-March 2023, all 3 shows in Rick Miller's BOOM Trilogy will once again hit the road across Canada.
And in April 2023, our acclaimed family production of JUNGLE BOOK is back, after a 3-year pandemic hiatus!
Details will become available as soon as the presenting theatres announce their seasons.
Plus, development will continue on Anderson Fairy Tales, MONEY, and Rose Red, a new musical.
See you onstage... or online with our many ongoing web series!