Getting organized for back to school?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a week! There were so many gatherings it was crazy! KIDOONS is slowly getting their minds around having to go back to school. Every year it's one of things that you try to postpone so we have created a list for you to make the task just a little bit easier.

The best way to know where to start on what has to get done is creating a To-Do List and crossing the items off as they get completed.

Get ready for the night before. If you get ready the night before, you will be less likely to forget to do something during the morning rush. Most importantly don't forget your keys!

Give everyone a different colored bag to put his or her stuff for the day in. This is helpful so you'll know what you're giving to whom.

That is it for now. Since well it is still summer and you don't want to start feeling overwhelmed just yet. Go out and enjoy the summer air.

Have a good week