Summer Pool Side Fun

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The sun is shining and the crowd is arriving (perhaps in their "Hot New Ride". There is no better way, but to spend the day by the pool. Be very careful since the sun is very strong this year and make sure you apply and re-apply lots of sunscreen. KIDOONS has some favorite swimming pool games that can be enjoyed by everyone at the party. We provided you with 3 of our favorite games to make your summer party the party of the summer!

Because were all about putting on a show for all of our visitors it should be no surprise that our favorite to play is  ... Water Ballet: Each team is given a certain amount of time to perform a water ballet that involves every team member. For added fun have classical music playing in the background.  We also recommend all the classics such has Marco Polo, tag, Whirlpool, water Frisbee and of course, volleyball.