Simple Guide to Daylight Saving Time!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall back and spring ahead...that's a good way to remember which way to turn your clock for Daylight Saving time! But what's Daylight Saving all about?

In most of the USA and Canada, we turn the arrows on the clock forward 1 hour on March 10 and we turn them back 1 hour on November 3. We do this to save energy! When it's dark out we instantly turn our lights on, but it's not good for the enviornment to overdo this. By adjusting the time according to the season, we make sure that we use the most sunlight and the least electricity. It's good for our planet and it actually has an impact: we use 1% less energy thanks to Daylight Saving Time!

So, when Daylight Savings rolls around, don't forget to get your clocks up do to date or you might be too early or way too late! And remember, you're helping make the world a better place this way :)