On the 270th Birthday of Alessandro Volta, a 4-episode "batteries" story arc launches on Paddy The Beaver series

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Alessandro Volta officially invented the battery in 1800. Today, in partnership with Earth Day Canada's Ecokids program and the Not-for-Profit Call2Recycle battery recycling organization, over the next four episodes of his animated series Paddy The Beaver will learn all about these amazing inventions since the days of Volta's original "Voltaic pile". Paddy finds out:

  1. That tools need batteries to store their electricity in them
  2. What batteries are and how they work
  3. That batteries should not be thrown in the garbage, but the metals in them recycled.
Watch the first new episode February 18th - Alessandro Volta's 270th Birthday! – on paddythebeaver.com.

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