Battlefield House Museum & Park

Battlefield House Museum and Park is a National Historic Site that commemorates the Battle of Stoney Creek, fought on June 6th, 1813, and interprets the daily life of the Gage family. The Gages were the first settlers on this land. At the time of the battle, James Gage and his family were well-established in their home and had built fences, a barn and several outbuildings. The Gage family owned livestock, grew a variety of crops and had a substantial orchard.
Battlefield Park consists of thirty-two of the original two hundred acres of land granted to Mary Jones Gage. The site is divided into east and west parts by Battlefield Creek. The east side of the site consists of the Gage farmhouse, known as Battlefield House Museum, and the Battlefield Monument, a memorial to those who fell at the Battle of Stoney Creek.

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