Jerry Muskrat versus the Invaders

Jerry gets an emergency beacon from Captain Nemo, from deep within his communications centre. Someone has been tampering with the machinery, but with Nemo's quick intelligence he is able to recalibrate the system rapidly, only to discover that the Sea Princess has been kidnapped! Nemo is deeply concerned with these unexpected events, and he contacts his Agent Jerry to find her and combat the invaders led by Kaa the python. Menwhile, no one knows where Nemo himself is, and if he himself hs decided to speed to Florida, or face the other challenges that have greeted his day. Kaa, an evil figure, who Nemo has fought with on other occasions with Mowgli, one of the other members of the Council of New Atlantis, has heard from a spy on the Nautilus that Jerry has been transported to end Kaa's fiendish plot. But Jerry is no fool, and not only will he defeat Kaa, he will also be forced to repair a damaging wave of Time that made it possible for the Sea Princess to be stolen from her home.

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