Gong Hey Fat Choy! Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hey Fat Choy...or Gong xi fa cai if you're speaking Mandarin! Clean the house well on Sunday, New...


WATCH: Buster's Vancouver Mission Launch! - Rick Miller Bumps into...

Rick Miller, co-creative director of Kidoons, pops into Port Metro Vancouver, fresh from his BOOM run with Arts Club Theatre...


WATCH: A Nautilus Leak! Hal Whitehead on Whales and Ocean Sounds

This new episode in our "Nautilus Leaks" series was created in partnership with the Whitehead Lab of Cetacean Research at...


BOOM Reviews and Stories from Vancouver

The reviews are in for BOOM's 5 week run in Vancouver, at PuSh/Arts Club (Granville Island stage), to Feb 13 2016. “A...


WATCH: A Nautilus Leak! Dr. Eva Pip on Water Quality and Plastic Bottles

This new episode in our "Nautilus Leaks" series was created in partnership with the Dr. Eva Pip and the University of Winnipeg...


BOOM coming soon to Montreal!

BOOM, the most presented new work in Canada, explodes into the Segal Centre from March 20th - April 10th, 2016. After runs in...


WATCH: Vault of Genius - Jerry Breaks into the Canadian Medical Hall of...

Using Nemo's secret code, super-spy Jerry Muskrat breaks through a vault door and steps into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame...


TFO 24.7 à Halifax: Rick Miller recherche les acadiens

L'artiste multidisciplinaire Rick Miller est en tournée partout au Canada pour présenter son spectacle BOOM. De passage à...

The Kidoons Network

Let Our Stories Tell Your Stories

Kidoons is a unique concept in family entertainment and storytelling, integrating online education with live entertainment. Our theatrical productions tour all over the world. Families and educators already love the content on our vast Network of websites. By connecting the stories onstage to the stories online, we have tremendous reach and growth potential. Our partners not only benefit from the narrative-based content we create with them, but also from having that content featured in our ever-expanding universe of stories. We are big-picture, creative entrepreneurs looking to educate, enlighten and empower through entertainment.

Kidoons provide value to each partner organization by enhancing their communications, and making them entertaining for young people. We often collaborate with partners on a series of "MOMs" (Multimedia Outreach Modules). MOMs are short, engaging video episodes starring one of our online or onstage characters. Each MOM connects organically to ongoing storylines across our Network, allowing our partners to reach a new, ever-expanding audience base. In addition, partners can use MOMs as discrete videos on their own media platforms.

"The Kidoons team exemplifies creativity... we highly recommend them to others seeking fun and engaging ways to share their stories with youth."
- Lissa Foster, Executive Director, The Canadian Medial Hall of Fame

"From concept to filming to completion, their creative and professional approach led to a final production that we could have never imagined... We can't be more thrilled!"
- Jill Osborne, Director of Development & Communications, London Children's Museum

CRAIG FRANCIS serves as VP at Kidoons, and is the creative director of the Network. His art direction, illustrations, campaigns, and voices have been enjoyed by millions of children and educators worldwide.
RICK MILLER is the creative director of Kidoons theatrical productions, and a Dora and Gemini award-winning writer, director, actor, and educator. He has performed in 5 languages on 5 continents to critical and commercial acclaim.
JEFF LORD is the President of Kidoons and the Executive Producer of our theatrical productions. As the founder or co-founder of several innovative arts and IT companies, he guides the strategic vision and direction of the Network.
EACH MULTIMEDIA PROJECT has its own team via Logograph, with Project Manager IRINA LITVINENKO, who has 13 years experience managing design, multimedia, and creative executions on time and on budget.
EACH THEATRICAL PRODUCTION also has its own team of theatre and multimedia designers and crew.