Animazia is the universe where Jerry, Paddy, Madison, and their friends live: it's the amazing story of animals. Inspired by stories for a young audience by groundbreaking environmentalist Thornton Burgess, KDOONS has developed a whole universe in Animazia. This is where kids are introduced to the real animals of North America: from city dwellers such as Chatterer, Madison Rabbit, and Bobby Raccoon; to the animals of the forest, such as Paddy, Prickly Porky, and Jimmy Skunk; to the animals that roam the vast Boreal Forest, such as Buster Bear, Grizz, and Carey Boo. Inspiring through storytelling, Animazia uses narrative to offer an entertaining point of entry for youth to begin to appreciate and become engaged with the life forms around them, our ecosystems and issues that will impact their own lives in the future.

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