Jerry and the Council of Mowgli

The Adventure Plot continues...

Jerry embarks on a special mission for Mowgli leading him to discover hidden wonders. Kidoons series educational episodes are created in partnership with educational and Not-for-Profit organizations to englighten family viewers: but the entertainment episodes that surround them –– the character-driven plot and storyline –– are created with what we call "Visionary Companies with Values" to entertain and empower their imaginations.

This is not "marketing": these projects are for CEO's and managing staff who have the ability to approve an independent project, to support the creation of new works, and to highlight your company's dedication to local and international community-building.

Enchanted Reality: Kidoons has partnered with leading-edge startup Olobotics to create augmented reality entertainments – "Enchanted Reality" animations – that are viewable through a custom App from any piece of printed material.
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